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By Gordon Duff
(Mr.Duff gets us upto speed on the state of the world, a true thinker indeed!)  Murugax. 
 A basic tenet of identifying the driving forces behind American policy is a short examination of the root causes of error. Chief among these, and there are so many, is the continuing insistence that Iran has an active nuclear program when all evidence since 2003 runs to the contrary.
Behind this, two tiresome methodologies appear, one being the hunt for non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the second, America’s love for saving “poor little babies” from imaginary poison gas or hapless equally imaginary prisoners from incineration or mass killings.
Error has become “belief,” and a generation of American military leaders and diplomats have enthralled themselves to a cause defunct of purpose, deficient in reason, bereft of moral imperative. This is the military Donald Trump fell in love with. It furnished him with leadership of sufficient ethical ambiguity as to implement a soulless agenda without a second thought. These were trained professionals, the generation of Rumsfeld and Cheney, a nation primed for feudal fascism.
This array of deception has for three decades been used against many nations but the prime focus today is Iran. Our point is simple; Trump is in Israel and Saudi Arabia because his corrupt regime is controlled from there. His actions aim at Iran and are based in error in thought and error in execution. He is a fool.
His error also demonstrates something far more sinister, that he is a puppet, a vassal and dreams of being a medieval warlord. His lack of wit, lack of character, his lack of attention, his boorishness and whoredom are wonderfully at home in Saudi Arabia and Israel, where such characteristics have defined leadership for generations.
On May 21, 2017, American President Donald Trump announced that Saudi Arabia has put together a 55-nation force of 34,000 men to fight terrorism in Syria and Iraq. Trump agreed, without consultation or approval of the US government, to participate in that endeavor and agreed to sell Saudi Arabia, over a period, $.5 trillion in advanced arms previously denied to any foreign government.
This, the most corrupt presidency in American history, is flirting with disaster, blending its proclivity for pandering and bullying with ineptitude and more than a tinge of unbridled insanity. Toss in endless Saudi billions and Israel’s “exceptionalism” and a poisonous stew results.
Pushing Trump forward is the lowest rung of what VT co-founder Colonel David Hackworth called the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon, the strutting neo-feudalists that haunt Washington, its corporate backrooms, engaging in anti-government plots, the peddling of tainted souls, all steeped in debauchery and dishonor.
They dance on and off the Fox Network, or adorn the polemics of the Institute for the Study of War, spouting the thinly veiled Bolshevik slogans promoted by dozens of cash ridden neocon think tanks.
This is the real life military power that overshadows the world, Rome under Caligula reborn.
America’s military establishment has a checkered history fighting terrorism. It lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, lest we forget Vietnam and has learned to fight using mercenaries and, as it has operated clandestinely in Iraq and Syria, through the terrorist organizations of ISIS and al Qaeda.
Were it not for the 500,000 Syrian dead, America’s “create the disease, offer the cure and then kill the patient” solutions would be high humor.
On March 2, 2015, former Marine General Paul Allen explained how he was going to spend $300 million to organize a force against ISIS, trained in Turkey. He said he had 5,500 vetted volunteers, mostly Syrian Christians from the Deir Ezzor region, ready to sign up.
Six months later, the money was spent, 150 mercenaries were trained, most from Morocco and upon deployment, all turned over their weapons and joined al Qaeda. Trump’s plan is to build on this success but he is lying. He has been bought and paid for by the Saudi prince he bowed to, and vowed to defend to the death, not his death mind you but of others, many others.
Then again we refocus, plots within plots, to one of the interlocking “grand schemes,” the war to Balkanize Islam itself, as with other political, religious or social struggles, when you peel away the veneer, you find only money and greed.
The real money will be made by pushing the war between Sunni and Shia Islam, a key component of Israeli globalist policy. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world with around 150 million, or 10%, Shia. However, that 10% is in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan while some of the largest Sunni populations are far afield in Asia and North Africa.
Backed by Russia, the Shia states of Iran and Iraq, backed by Syria and Hezbollah, overshadow a very divided Sunni world. You see, the primary Sunni military power is Turkey, a constitutional secular state, followed by nuclear armed Pakistan, in eternal military confrontation with India.
Saudi Arabia doesn’t represent Sunni Islam at all but rather an extremist Wahhabist heresy, a bizarre hate filled cult at the root of all the woman hating suicide cults that feed terrorism. The elites of the Sunni world suffer considerable dismay that their holy sites are controlled by “head chopping” Bedouins who rope women together like cattle taken to market.
Why is America and Israel aligned with such a monstrosity? Let’s take a second to look at the huge new arms sale to Saudi Arabia.
The inexorable result will be either Israel or Pakistan using nuclear weapons or Iran eventually tiring of Saudi Arabia and crushing them handily. Tiny Yemen has proven more than a match for the Saudi military, one of the worst in the world, despite the tens of thousands of mercenaries deployed across the kingdom.
The other scenario involves the US moving in but not behind the leadership of the least loved commander in chief in American history, no, there is little chance America will enter a ground war against Iran with a weakened president. Thus, Trump has turned his policy over to others, bowed before a foreign prince, and is trying to recreate the Europe of August 1914, to plunge the world into cataclysm and perhaps avoid criminal prosecution in the process.
Another story, oft told, of the Armageddon death cult called “Dominionism” and its stranglehold on America’s military officer’s corps, is one Trump knows well. As factors weigh in, historical, social and economic, the move toward war plays them all, sign of the “chaos theory factory” written of eloquently by author Jeff Gates in his work, Guilt By Association. The American military has been dominated by Israel for some time with officers “junketed” to Israel where their personal weaknesses, be it cash or sexual deviance is exploited.
They return to Washington, reborn as “neocons” and “patriots” seeking think tank and board room honors. Most, in the end, are tossed aside, a poor investment for their masters, unimaginative mediocrities the public has long tired of.
The agent for this massive arms sale to the Saudis is Trump son-in-law, Israeli-American Jared Kushner, a highly experienced low income property developer from New Jersey from an organized crime family with a long history of cheating investors and bribing public officials. It keeps getting better.
It was Kushner’s wife, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, that decided Syria needed to be punished with a missile attack in retaliation for a “terrorist atrocity” the world later learned was staged by the CIA and actor George Clooney’s Oscar/Nobel Prize winning “White Helmets.”
We then move on to the new “coalition,” an abuse of the term if there ever was one. The members of the coalition, we assume, are all Sunni states, but no one knows exactly who they are. We know Israel isn’t officially a member but sets policy in partnership with Saudi Arabia.
Less well known are the connections between Saudi Arabia’s justified as defensive war against Yemen and other conflicts including the overthrow of Ukraine, the populist or more appropriately neo-Nazi government in Poland, moves against Armenia, not to mention the Syrian issue. This indicates, to the trained observer, that Russia may well be the real target.
Toward that end, we will examine how and why Russia might be the target.
We also know that this anti-extremist and anti-terrorist coalition consists of nations who have trafficked jihadists to Iraq and Syria to join rebel groups there. Among those nations are the economic supporters of those groups as well, buying modern weapons for “rebels” and sending in military trainers and planning staff. They are even manning command centers for rebels inside not only Jordan but in Syria and Iraq as well, serving side by side with Israeli forces against the Baghdad and Damascus governments.
Closer examination shows that the rebels supported by this Saudi coalition that the US has joined are primarily ISIS and al Qaeda. Trump’s new force for peace specifically targets the participants of the Astana peace process and, more importantly, has targeted for overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran, Russia’s only allies in the Middle East.
It doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on here. Some weeks ago, New Eastern Outlook, a Russian journal on geopolitical affairs, published an expose on a “regime change factory” called “Google Jigsaw.”
Our new 55 nation force, whose political will well seems to originate with long-term Israeli ambitions amplified through a newfound influence within the Trump regime, is clearly a manifestation of the globalist ambitions expressed by “Jigsaw,” the multi-trillion-dollar purveyor of the special form of democracy that has left much of the world aflame and millions dead, millions more stateless refugees.
It is May 2017 when Donald Trump leaves the United States to seek world peace. Evidence has been submitted that is sufficient for impeachment but as America’s government has been under the control of powerful special interests, criminal interests, for 15 years, it is likely nothing will be done.
The general admission is that America is in free fall with no government at all. The policy changes from the Obama era are all disasters, massive cuts in medical programs, massive increases in waste ridden military expenditures and huge tax giveaways to the rich.
Obama’s foreign policy was always enigmatic. Opposition to Russia and support of NATO, policies not generally rooted in reality, were a keystone. Trump promised to change those and open dialog but his uncertain demeanor and rash judgement clouded things.
As things come into focus, Trump seems to be assembling a cabal to go after Russia the nation. The problem being is that to Trump, Russia isn’t its people or its government, Russia is his “Russia,” those who reached out to him when he was broke, busted, bankrupt, and flooded is failing enterprises with money.
That money was stolen from the Russian people, looted from banks, illegally converted state enterprises, and Trump’s Russia is the Russian Mafia, sometimes called the Kosher Nostra or the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the list of partners behind the Bayrock Group, all “Russian” but all enemies of the Russian people and in many cases, fugitives from Russian justice as well.
These crime syndicates were the vultures that fed off the chaotic period at the end of the communist era, partnering with the CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies, working with corrupt American and Israeli political leaders, money laundering banks, with the intent of building a criminal empire that would be above the law.
These cabals, which Trump represents, enjoy seeing Russia accused of interfering in elections in the United States or mischaracterized as a military dictatorship. Their control of press assets maintains a continual misdirection for the world public, one equally corrupt governments are happy to take part in as well.
When Trump talked of dealing with Russia, he meant dealing with organized crime that, under careful examination, knows no borders. Therefore, every deal thus far over Syria is immediately violated and why, to those of the clandestine world, America’s covert support of world terrorism, has sprung into high gear.
A constant in Obama policy was keeping both Israel and Saudi Arabia at arm’s length. The failure, of course, was in American participation in Yemen, part of Saudi Arabia’s war on Syria and Shia Islam in general, ran directly contrary to Obama policy with Iran.
Obama pushed the 5+1 nuclear agreement through and ended sanctions, a huge blow to both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Obama also restricted arms sales to Saudi Arabia, something Trump has just “undone.” What is less known is that, to keep Israel in line, Obama also crippled Israel’s missile defense system by removing its AEGIS component. The vaunted “Iron Dome” is “hot air.”
We mention these issues in passing as they present an earlier policy, though never openly embraced, to preserve some American leverage in world events. Trumps real failure is making deals when the real deal is in leaving the table, particularly when at the wrong table.
Inept as Trump may well be, among the Likudists in Israel or the Bedouin princes in Saudi Arabia, he may well be what intellect, grace and talent is at the table. Trump is the clown bear in the nest of vipers.
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

(Very germane to such a time as this. Murugax)
Take The Red Pill Or Fight World War 3. – Interview With The Saker

by Katherine Frisk for the International Reporter

Only those with their head in the sand are not aware that NATO, the western allies and the Wall Street bankers are determined to follow a course that will lead to World War 3. With Russia in particular and any other country that stands in their way. In a recent interview Vladimir Putin chided western journalists for the false narratives that are being published in the Main Stream Media press. He said: 

“We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through anymore.” More recently the highly respected film director Oliver Stone said: “We’re going to war — either hybrid in nature to break the Russian state back to its 1990s subordination, or a hot war (which will destroy our country). Our citizens should know this, but they don’t because our media is dumbed down in its “Pravda”-like support for our “respectable,” highly aggressive government.” 

What I would like to do in this interview is focus on cycles of time, repetitive narratives from one century to the next that replay over and over again like the film Groundhog Day. This is in a sense, a Matrix with the myth, the story line passed on from one generation to the next, and each generation in turn performs the same stage show. As Shakespeare said, ‘each has their entrances and their exists.”

On the 9th of May 2015, Russia celebrated the Victory over Nazi Germany in World War 2. Saker wrote the most touching and deeply moving article Something truly amazing happened today and I quote: “Defense Minister Shoigu made the sign of the Cross before the beginning of the celebrations:

This is an absolutely momentous moment for Russia.  Never in the past history had any Russian Minister of Defense done anything like it.  True, the old tradition was to make the sign of the Cross when passing under the Kremlin’s Savior Tower, if only because there is an icon of the Savior right over the gate.  However, everybody in Russia immediately understood that there was much more to this gesture than an external compliance to an ancient tradition. The Russian journalist Victor Baranets puts it very wellwhen he wrote:”At that moment I felt that with his simple gesture Shoigu brought all of Russia to his feet.  There was so much kindness, so much hope, so much of our Russian sense of the sacred [in this gesture]“.  He is absolutely correct.  To see this Tuvan Buddhist make the sign of the Cross in the Orthodox manner sent an electric shock through the Russian blogosphere: everybody felt that something amazing had happened.

“For centuries Russian soldiers have knelt and asked for God’s blessing, before going into battle and this is, I believe, what Shoigu did today.  He knows that 2015 will be the year of the big war between Russia and the Empire (even if, due to the presence of nuclear weapons on both sides, this war will remain 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military)”

So let’s go back to World War 2. Almost 30 million Russians died during that war. That is almost half of the total number of people killed on both sides, military and civilian from 1939 to 1945. A horrific figure that is not often quoted in western media or history books.

Question to Saker: What parallels do you see between Russia in 2016 and over 70 years ago?

Saker: The most disturbing and frightening parallel which I see between, say, 1938 and 2016 is the total arrogance and sense of superiority of the leaders of the Western world.  I know that this will sound crazy to many because Russians and Europeans are supposed to be of the same “race”, but my entire life experience has brought me to the conclusion that many, maybe most, westerners are deeply racist towards Russians, even if it is at an unconscious level.

Most westerners are deeply convinced that western civilization is the pinnacle of mankind and that while others have their good and even interesting features, westerners are still the most sophisticated, developed, evolved, refined, skilled, etc. and that those who do not belong to that so-called “western civilization” are inherently inferior, even if exotic or even charming.

Now think of Russia which was born from a rejection of the West (rejection of the Papacy in favor the the traditional Christianity of the early Church) and which then beat back wave after wave after wave of western invaders, be it military, or cultural or political.  This adds to the element of fear and the already existing racism and results in a deep seated phobia of everything truly Russian.

There is only one type of Russia which the West likes: a weak, subjugated, bleeding, disorganized and poor Russia to which the western Herrenvolk  can send humanitarian aid, advisors and other “bearers of civilization” (just like Hitler’s Kulturträgers)  to the eastern masses of Untermenschen.

You think that I am exaggerating?  Look at the way the American leaders are trying to treat Russia: like some kind of bad boy who did wrong and who must now face the consequences of his bad behavior.  The fact that all that grandstanding and lecturing has zero effect on the Kremlin or the Russian people does not seem to dissuade the Empire’s rulers who now sound like a broken record.  But this goes far beyond just leaders. There is a cultural, moral and even technological assumption of Russian inferiority which permeates the entire political discourse in the West.  This is why when a US built Boeing or a European built Airbus crashes the media speaks of a Boeing or Airbus crash. But when a Russian aircraft crashes, it is always a Russian built Antonov or Russian built Ilyushin which crashes, as if that explained anything. This is one of the reasons why the folks in the West simply cannot wrap their minds around the current day reality that the Russian armed forces are substantially superior and generally more capable than their western counterparts.  Right now, not only does Russia have better submarines, better tanks, better aircraft, better air defense system, better electronic warfare, better artillery, better tactical missiles, etc but also a far better infantryman. True, the Russians are behind in other fields (surface ships, communications, satellite technology, etc.) and the superior Russian systems are only being introduced now and are still few in numbers, but they are more than enough to make it impossible for the US/NATO/EU to militarily “defeat” Russia in any conceivable conflict.

So what I see is this: the West is on a collision course with Russia and yet nobody seems to discuss this and when they do, they express all the confident optimism of a drunken idiot who wants to take on a Grizzly bear in a fist fight: the bear might not show any reaction until the drunken idiot jumps over the fence, but once he enters the bear’s territory his life expectancy will be measured in seconds.

An infinite arrogance which completely blinds the western leaders to the immense risks of their policies is what I see in common between 1938 and 2016.  And I find that very, very frightening.  There is also a major difference: in 1938 Russia was not ready for war and the regime in power did not enjoy anywhere near the 80%+ Putin enjoys today.  But today Russia is ready for war, it seems that at least 80% of the talkshows are about the confrontation with the West and the risks of war, while the military is almost constantly involved in very large scale strategic exercises preparing for major war.

On all levels, the Russian society is being prepared for war while in the West, nobody seems to be paying any attention to this (other than absolutely imbecile talks about a Russian invasion of Latvia or Estonia…).  There is also a consensus in Russia that if Hillary gets into the White House the chance of a real war will sharply go up.  I agree with that.

Katherine: 2017 will be the 100 th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. What most people are unaware of, is that the same Wall Street bankers who funded the 2014 Ukrainian coup and funded Hitler in World War 2, even though the USA was supposedly on the side of the Allies, were the same group of people who funded Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. To quote from The Creature From Jekyell Island:

“What emerges from this sampling of events is a clear pattern of strong support for Bolshevism coming from the highest financial and political power centers in the United States; from men, who supposedly were “capitalists” and who according to conventional wisdom should have been the mortal enemies of socialism and communism.”

I have heard from other sources that somewhere around 100 million people died under the Bolsheviks between 1917 and 1939, or is that an exaggeration?

Question: Why did the USA, a country that supposedly believes in freedom and democracy, support communism in Russia?  Their anti-communist stance was after all, the raison d’être for funding wars, coups and revolutions to overthrow communist inclined governments in South America, Africa, Europe and other countries around the world through overt and covert CIA and Operation Gladio involvement for the next 100 years, and replace them with fascist military dictatorships. (A few examples Brazil – Branco; Chile- Pinochett; Argentina- Videla; Indonesia- Suharto; Congo- Sese Seko; Greece’s – “reign of the colonels”; Zimbabwe-Mugabe;) What political and economic parallels do you see from 100 years ago that are applicable today?

Saker: First, the issue of the real number of victims of the Communist regime in Russia is an extremely contentious one.  Those interested could look at this article where I touched upon this issue.  I think that the 100 million people figure is absolutely ridiculous, that is for sure.  The real figures are much much less than that, but they are still horrible and should not be dismissed either.  Frankly, this is an issue for historians to decide and I don’t find it helpful to insist on a specific figure.  What we can say for sure is that the victims of the Bolshevik regime were counted in the millions, that is for sure.  This “in the millions” is both safe enough and vague enough to be useful for discussion purposes, especially when covering the entire period from 1917 to 1991.

Second, US Jewish bankers did finance and support Trotsky just as the British supported Lenin.  The former did that as an act of revenge against and hatred for Russia due to what they perceived as the anti-Jewish policies of the Russian Czars.  The latter wanted to subvert Russia from the inside to weaken her on the outside.  This is pretty straightforward.

The concepts of “Freedom and Democracy” versus “Communism” were always just facades, a facade to make the US imperialism look noble and a facade to justify interventions worldwide. What is taking place today is not very different: we do have an imperial financial system which seeks to subvert Russia from the inside to make her weak on the international stage.  We also have US Jews, now rebranded as “Neocons”, pursuing a hate-based racist crusade against Russia as an act of revenge for what they perceive was the anti-Jewish policies of the Soviet Union, especially under Stalin.  Those interested can read about this here.

So just as we had an AngloZionist conspiracy against Russia 100 years ago we have a different variant of the same AngloZionist conspiracy today.  What changed most over the past century is the rest of the planet, especially the emergence of China and the general collapse of the EU.

Russian Grenadiers Patriotic War

Katherine: Now let’s go back to over 200 years ago. The  Patriotic War of 1812 when Napoleon invaded Russia. He had as allies the Duchy of Warsaw, Kingdom of Italy, Naples, Confederation of the Rhine, Baden, Bavaria, Berg, Saxony, Westphalia, Austria, Prussia, Swiss Confederation, Napoleonic Spain, Denmark–Norway. That was a formidable united front against one country. The line up looks very similar to the current European Union and the NATO allies today.

Question: Who funded this army and why? And what parallels do you see 100 years later with World War 1 ,the Bolshevik Revolution, World War 2 and the current tinder box that Russia and Europe find themselves in 2016?

Saker:  You are right, this all looks very similar doesn’t it?  I would just toss in the Crimea war, which I like to call the “Grand Ecumenist War” against Russia in which you had secular Freemasons, Papists, Protestants and Ottoman Muslims all united against Orthodox Russia.

The main reason for the regular re-emergence of anti-Russian coalition is the mistaken belief in the West that there is safety in numbers.  The Russians know the exact opposite: in military terms, coalitions suck.  Badly.  The western leaders are fundamentally cowards who rule over people who have long lost the warrior-culture which is so central to any society which can stand up and defend itself, even against a superior enemy. The people in the West have come to believe that high-tech wins wars and they have forgotten that what wins wars is not high tech, but willpower and the help of God.  Those interested in this topic can read this article.

The main advantage the US had over, for example, the Iraqis was the fact that they succeeded in convincing Iraqi of the futility of resisting the almighty USA.  But with nations and cultures like Russia, Iran, Hezbollah or even Vietnam, the USA is faced with an enemy who is not at all convinced of the US superiority and who is willing, sincerely and truly willing, to die for his country and people.  That is something which the US military has never learned how to cope with. And then, consider this: during WWI Russia imploded due to the combined effects of the February and October revolutions.  During WWII, the Soviet regime was largely unpopular and much of the ruling elites were themselves russophobic (this would change during the course of the war). But today Russia is united.  And ready in military and civilians terms.  Even Russian banks have recently completed a series of exercises on how to continue to function in case of war.  Will the West try again, one last time or will cool heads prevail in the West?  I don’t know.

Katherine: Now let’s go back to almost 1,000 years ago. I first interviewed Saker in July 2015. Orthodox Christianity is by and large not understood in the West, least of all by me at the time, though I am learning. Saker enlightened both my readers and myself in  An Insight Into Orthodox Christianity.

Another very informative article that he wrote was : Another Crusade? : Ukrainian nationalism – its roots and nature in February 2014 during the coup in Kiev and the beginnings of the outbreak in the civil war between western Ukraine and eastern Ukraine. In that article he went back to 1204, Pope Innocent III, the fourth crusade and the sacking of Constantinople by mercenaries who were funded by the Jewish Del Banco bankers in Venice. He said:

“Most people mistakenly believe that the Crusades only happened in the Middle-East and that they were only directed at Islam.  This is false.  In fact, while the official excuse for western imperialism at that time was to free the city of Jerusalem from the “Muslim infidels” the crusades also were aimed at either exterminating or converting the “Greek schismatics” i.e. the Orthodox Christians.  The most notorious episode of this anti-Orthodox crusade is the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204, during the 4th Crusade, in which the city was subjected to three days of absolutely grotesque pillaging, looting and massacres by the western “Christians” who even looted and burned down Orthodox churches, monasteries and convents, raped nuns on church altars and even placed a prostitute on the Patriarchal throne.  This outpouring of genocidal hatred was hardly a fluke, but it was one of the earliest manifestation of something which would become a central feature of the mindset and ideology of the Latin Church.

Unlike his predecessor who directed his soldiers towards the Holy Land, Pope Gregory IX had a very different idea: he wanted to convert the “pagans” of the North and East of Europe to the “true faith”.  In his mind, Orthodox Russia was part of these “pagan lands” and Orthodox Christians were pagans too.  His order to the Teutonic Knights (the spiritual successors of the Franks who had pillaged and destroyed Rome) was to either convert or kill all the pagans they would meet (this genocidal order was very similar to the one given by Ante Pavelic to his own forces against the Serbs during WWII: convert, kill or expel).  In most history books Pope Gregory IX has earned himself a name by instituting the Papal Inquisition (which has never been abolished, by the way), so it is of no surprise that this gentleman was in no mood to show any mercy to the “Greek schismatics”.  This time, however, the Pope’s hordes were met by a formidable defender: Prince Alexander Nevsky.”

Today what was the Byzantine Empire and Orthodox Christian Russia is currently under attack by Daesh, or commonly known as ISIS. Syria has some of the oldest Orthodox Christian communities in the world going back to the 1st century A.D. who still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Russia in turn, since September 2015, has given President Assad full military support in fighting these terrorists.

Question: What parallels do you see almost 1000 years ago, including the vast tapestry of The Patriot War of 1812, World War 1 ,the Bolshevik Revolution, World War 2 and the current situation that could very well lead the whole world into World War 3?

Saker:  The West has always been more than happy to try to use Islam against Russia, there is nothing new here.  This is the old divide and rule technique – the Russians and the Muslims fight each other down to the last Russian and Muslim and then we, the western 1%er will finally get to rule the world unopposed.

In a way, Islam and Russia present a very similar type of threat not only to the West’s international and financial order, but also to the western social, political and moral order too.  Both Russia and Islam present an alternative civilizational model, one which is based on values fundamentally different to the ones truly underlying the western political order. I would argue that China and Latin America also have this potential, that they are developing it right now, but that they have not yet reached the “political escape velocity” to openly dare reject the West with it’s so-called ‘values’. This is why pitting Muslims against Russia and vice-versa is so important for the Empire.  I would say that to some degree, this has been an effective policy with the Srebrenica pseudo-genocide as a cornerstone, but this policy is now hitting a number of walls. The first one is that the Muslim world is extremely diverse and hard to unite.  Next to Wahabi liver-eaters you will find a myriad of other non-Wahabi Sunnis, Shia, Sufis who all reject the Wahabi model and for whom the Wahabi model is, in fact, no less a mortal threat than for non-Muslims.

Second, people like Vladimir Putin, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Nursultan Nazarbaev, Ramzan Kadyrov, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Assad and many others are seeing through the Empire’s ploy and are refusing to be baited by it.  Historically, the Ottomans have always been a rabid and even genocidal enemy of Orthodoxy, and the modern Saudi-inspired Wahabis are no better, but the rest of the Islamic world is objectively an ally of Russia just as Russia is an objective ally of the Islamic world.
Both sides here need to “clean house”: the Russians need to free themselves from the toxic influence of the pro-US Atlantic Integrationists inside the Kremlin and “liberal” supporters in Russia (less than 5% of the population) and the Sunni Muslims need to sever their often too cozy ties with both the Wahabis and the Ottomans.
This process has already begun in Russia and I have high hopes that it will also take place inside the Muslim world.

Katherine: Last question. Do you think Europe and Russia will ever reach the stage where they abandon the script, take the red pill, escape the matrix and walk away from this repetitive groundhog day narrative that has been so destructive to so many people for over 1,000 years?

Saker: Yes, of course this is possible, even likely, but only in the future.  For that to happen the Europeans need to liberate themselves from the ideological claws of the AngloZionists and their propaganda machine.

Second, the Europeans need to give up their artificial European identify and see themselves for what they really are: north Europeans, Central Europeans, Eastern Europeans and Mediterranean Europeans. The Mediterranean one, is one which is especially dear to me and it immensely saddens me that it is now diluted into this ridiculous and faceless “EU European” pseudo-identity.

Furthermore, a new European identify, far more diverse and religious than today, will eventually have to emerge from the chaos following the collapse of the EU.  At this point in time, the Europeans might possibly re-embrace their racist and imperialist worldview, but I doubt it.  I find it much more likely that Europe will give up its dreams of grandeur and embrace a much more low-key but human worldview which will accept diversity and pluralism without feeling threatened.

Last, but most definitely not least, the entire capitalist economic model and ideology will have to be replaced with a sustainable and socially civilized economic model.  This will take time, a lot of time, but I don’t see Europe, or the US, for that matter, sustaining their current delusional policies forever and ever.

Eventually reality, in the form of a Russian missile or simply of massive economic collapse, does catch up to everybody, no matter how deep their delusions.  In truth, in its 1000 years long history (yes, modern Europe was born in the Middle-Ages, not from the Roman or Greek civilizations) the Western civilization has shown itself to be both magnificent and abhorrent.  It is sometimes hard to believe that J.S. Bach and Adolf Hitler were born of the same civilization, but it is true.

The peoples of Europe will have to find their way, a new way, from these contradictions and this will be hard, but the good news is that if they give up their messianic delusions they will have the rest of mankind as an ally and a friend.