Our ‘friends’ across the border from Tamil Nadu have the closest associations to Pol Pot and Josef Mengele. Presumably the only accepted form of communication in Colombo is ‘torture’. What next? Are we going to discover that an Auschwitz exists too in Sri Lanka? The concept of a human appears to be ‘loosely’ used in Sri lanka. It is imperative to communicate to our  leaders in New Delhi and Chennai, that Sri Lanka as an Indian Ocean bulwark, US base, trusted allies, corporate money earner, or sycophantic friend are misplaced.

A Colombo government which is a mirror image of Pakistan’s mullah hard liners is no friend of ours, but rather a diabolical and treacherous weak-point on our Southern front. Time for a ‘regime change’



Melbourne, Thursday

The Tamil Refugee Council has called on the Australian Government to end its policy of engagement with Sri Lanka and the deportation of asylum seekers after another torture victim revealed the horror of his recent trip to his homeland. “Kumar”, a 35-year-old Australian resident, told the ABC 7.30 report, and Fairfax Media, he was beaten, raped and bashed and burned with hot metal rods over four days earlier this month by Sri Lankan intelligence police. Kumar, a Melbourne restaurant chef and father of three young children, came to Australia on a student visa three years ago after being harassed and beaten by Sri Lankan authorities for alleged links to the Tamil Tigers. In 2006, during the civil war, he was paid by the Tamil Tigers to carry parcels while working as a bus driver. He returned to Sri Lanka earlier this month to help out in his uncle’s restaurant after his uncle fell ill. He was picked up by the Sri Lankan intelligence police a few days after arriving back. “They kept me naked and bound like a dog in a room for four days. They bashed my feet and spine with wooden sticks, they crushed my balls and they put ice cubes in my anus. Then they heated up these iron rods and bashed and burned my back. “I thought I was going to die.” Kumar said.  ”On the last day I begged them not to kill me. I said ‘I’ve got family, I’ve got kids’. They showed me a blank sheet of paper and wanted me to sign.” He said he signed the paper and was then released by a roadside around midnight. He said his relatives paid bribes to get him out of jail and also out of the airport. He flew back to Australia on April 11. A spokesman for the Tamil Refugee Council, Aran Mylvanagam, said Kumar’s case was living proof of the lie of the Australian Government claim that it was safe for Tamils to return to Sri Lanka, whether they be asylum seekers or people returning voluntarily. “Australia’s policy on Sri Lanka and on asylum seekers and refugees is in turmoil. It is morally, ethically and legally bankrupt,” said Mylvanagam. “The reason people like Kumar have to suffer is because governments like Australia engage with this brutal regime, giving them cover to commit their atrocities. Those horrific scars on Kumar’s back prove the lie, propagated by the Australian Government, that all Tamils are safe to return, let alone asylum seekers whom the Sri Lankan president has said many times are “traitors.” “It is a sickening thought that Kumar was being tortured and raped while the Australian Minister for Immigration was declaring it was safe for asylum seekers to return to Sri Lanka, and then proceeded send back 26 of them from Geraldton in Perth. “ The Tamil Refugee Council calls on the Australian Government to conduct: “A full, transparent investigation into the case of “Kumar”, and offer urgent assistance in his asylum claim.”A full, transparent investigation into the two suicide attempts at the MITA detention center in Melbourne on Wednesday. One Haraza man attempted to hang himself and a 17-year-old Iraqi boy jumped from a roof. Both are in a serious condition in hospital. #An end to mandatory detention of refugees and the immediate release of 56 refugees held indefinitely in Australian detention centers because of controversial ASIO assessments.

For further information contact: Tamil Refugee Council press office, Trevor Grant on 0400 597 351